Lara Segal artist Biography

Lara Segal Is a Fine artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa.  I am a Fine Artist and Entrepreneur who see’s life through colorful lenses.  Colour makes her tingle inside with excitement, and makes every nerve and muscle response to the feeling it creates in that moment of visual pleasure. Color consumes my thoughts and my inner being.

I completed her Fine Arts degree through WITS in 2007.  I was mentored by the Brilliant Late Professor Alan Crump who was a wealth of understanding and knowledge.  He taught me about passion and how important it is to use that in a work and why I choose to be an artist.  Penny Siopis played an integral role in my development with her brilliance and conceptualization of what is paint and colour and how to work with it, play with it and understand it.

Finally the eclectic genius Stephan Erasmus, his brilliant critical thinking, conceptualization and connective insight taught me to push her personal boundaries until I was satisfied with her end result.

I am fascinated with human feelings and connection and how it integrated into a painting. My process is to explore feelings such as abandonment, loneliness and feeling trapped but also places of connection and empathy.

Through my work I endeavor to uncover the connection of colour and feelings and how the viewer is able to connect with each work through their own personal life experiences. This for me is the key to human connection.

In 2013 I took a Sabbatical in and made a decision to fully commit to being a creative and produce art. However, one morning in March of 2014, I had woken up and lost the use of my hands and could not even write my name or hold a cup of coffee.  I then lost further movement in my body, including MY arms and legs – I was a prisoner in my own body. This was the start of a long journey of both pain but also discovery of my inner self, what I would like to say through and art piece and how to engage with people. Through my experience I discovered how each person responds in a unique way to a huge change in a person, I gained and grew a lot of relationships but also lost many, this is the intriguing relationship each person has throughout life.

I was initially diagnosed with a neuromuscular disorder – GuillainBarre Syndrome (GBS) a rare disease on its own, in which the body attacks the nerves running throughout her.  I had lost all fine motor control in her hands and limbs.

This was an incredible experience where i was trapped in her body but her imagination ran free. This was my gift.  A gift that taught her many lessons about people and how she now chose to live life.

This was tragic for me.  However, everyone has their own struggles, I just choose to push through mine in the best way I knew how, I fought and learn to use her hand again.  Every movement requires a thought, every foot step requires immense concentration.

Shortly after my marriage in the middle of 2014 I relapsed again.  I was then diagnosed with Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP) which is like GBS, but the body continues to attack itself.

My body is still numb from below her eyes to her toes but the body is fascinating and she has learnt to adapt to my new circumstances.

This disease has slowed me down in many ways but I have chosen to take a breath and explore the moments. This is where project Sphere was born.

Project Sphere

Sphere is about connecting to each day, feeling each day and making a visual diary entry one to remember. Sphere is where I makes the most of each day, no matter what the day looked like,

I takes a breath to flash through the moments of the day in my memory.   I can only choose one memory or moment to explore in the day.  An experiment of time and continuity, through my eyes.

MY Philosophy is to play with colour.  I allow the color and idea to dictate the medium that i works in, keeping the process fluid and exploratory.

I loves to get the paint to a place where it is very fluid and moveable by using lots of water or turpentine, these beginning stages are very important to form the base layers in the work, by allowing the laws of chance to create a space to get creative and inspired in.

My influences are the brilliant master’s Kandinsky, Turner and Whistler, Each one fascinates her in their own unique way.  Kandinsky’s use of incredible colour, compassion and unique shapes.  He captured my attention from the age of 12.

Whistler’s use of light and color and brilliant clever composition with capturing people and their inner being.  I was very grateful to see his exhibition in Michigan when I was 21. The exceptional attention to detail and proportion within these huge canvases was something I had never experienced before.

Turner and his use of incredible and unique colour and the way he subtly and beautifully captured a moment in time, gets me lost inside his paintings and gets my imagination flowing.

I would like to create a conversation between the artwork and the viewer and to collect works and create their own story by piecing together parts of the sphere collection and making it their own.

This then follows the line of creativity from the artist to the viewer connecting them to their own personal stories. This project started as a 365 day project but after re- examining it, she would like to follow through with it for as many years as possible.

Join her in creating and being part of this Sphere Project.